With a variety of software development platforms at our quarters, we have a division tasked with the development of highly optimised software to help achieve full automation of all your association’s processes. You need a partner who can ensure success with an approach that gives you the best possible solutions, cost, speed and quality.


The primary responsibility of our Association Management Software (AMS) is to serve as a database for all your member data. This includes contact information, preferences, communication history and more in one central, comprehensive solution. Associations can use our AMS to infuse the power of productivity into everyday tasks, continuing education management to event registration. Staff can focus on the program and members, instead of basic administration.


Our AMS is broken down into modules that form a complete solution that meets your needs. Features included are:

§ Member Management

§ Customer Service

§ Meeting Management

§ Marketing Management

§ Certification Management

§ Accounting

§ Reporting

§ Member Self-Service Tools

§ Web Site Content Management